The Industry | Exhibitry Selection 101: Have You Considered….

Ahhhh, what starts as an idea, a concept, turns to renderings, discussions, more discussions, revisions, more revisions, final sign-off, production and finally a finished item can be a painless or painful process.   Along the way hopefully you or your team have asked a series of questions to ensure the final elements meet or exceed expectations, both short and long term.

Over the years I have experienced flawless design, production and execution always due to asking multiple questions ensuring a complete understanding of the program.  To begin the process of what questions may be relevant and to minimize potential issues, we developed the following checklist for your review …

The Basics

  • The theme/message you desire to present?
  • The elements will be used for a single event or multiples?
  • Number of events the exhibit will travel to this year and possibly beyond?
  • What are the basic requirements, your checklist for the space such as branding, product presentation, public demonstrations, sales environment (public/private), technology, electrical, storage, partner integration, size (limitations), colors, customization, etc.?
  • What are the transportation options/limitations for the exhibit?
  • Union labor required and its potential impact, cost on the strike and dismantled elements?

Consumer Engagement

  • The brand attributes you want the consumer to encounter and experience?
  • Type of consumers you are targeting? What impact this may have on the community and individual you are engaged with?
  • The anticipated length of the engagement (seconds, minutes)?
  • What props, campaign and marketing materials will be included and available for distribution (printed verse technical)?
  • Are we collecting consumer information?  If yes, what and how will this impact the consumer (time and effort)?
  • How will partners be represented to the targeted audience (space, message)?

Type Venues

  • Should weather be a factor in the design selection?  Time of year, markets, etc.?
  • Is this an indoor or outdoor event or both?
  • What are the regulations and potential limitations based on the venue selection process?
  • What size footprint can we anticipate at most events? Also the flexibility of the elements to adapt to a variety of situations?
  • What types of access can we anticipate (vehicle, materials, staff)?
  • Will the exhibit elements be used at other events in the future?  If yes, have you considered storage, transportation, refurbishment, etc?
  • The team makeup for the strike and dismantling of the program elements?  Any special requirements?
  • Ground conditions level and type surface (grass, payment, cement, and stone)?

Evaluation Options/Justification

  • What metrics will be used to understand the investment ROI?
  • Is the client looking to lease or purchase the items for the program?

Again, this is a partial list of questions every program should consider/review.  The goal should always be to ask as many questions as possible with the goal of developing the best possible solution.  Good luck and feel free to add to this list of questions.



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