The Industry | Brand Ambassadors, Understand by Investing Early

How often have you heard or quite possibly stated, “I wish I had asked more questions, taken the time to research the brand, reviewed the training manual more often or simply been more proactive?”  If you’re a seasoned event marketer I’m sure the answer is often.

Like driving a car for the first time most individuals approach the opportunity with an attitude of “What’s so special, difficult about this?”  Then they get behind the wheel and say oohh ____.  The same can be said for how some individuals approach a new program of any size or scope.  They listened for what they wanted to hear, were hired, then thought, “Let me get through this, paid with minimal effort.”

If this was or is your current mindset you are wasting your time and that of others whom are counting on you to perform at the highest level.  Your approach should be open with the desire to listen, learn, contribute and most of all exceed the expectations of those around you.

To prepare for your upcoming program we encourage you to understand the following at a minimum…

Who are

  • the brands, organizations, associations, and partners you will be representing?
  • the competitors and exactly how do they compete against us?
  • the target consumers we need to engage? And will the content motivate them to engage?
  • the key contacts (name, title, roles) that will be involved with the program?

What are

  • the goals for the program?
  • the types of engagement the client anticipates with the target consumer?
  • the mandatory brand messages that must  be communicated to the consumer?
  • the types of analytics being collected for the program and how?
  • the technical requirements for the program (ex: software, hardware, production)?
  • the other planned marketing platforms being considered to promote and/or engage the target consumer?
  • the resources, databases you plan to access to secure attendees for the event, either in person or virtually?

Where are

  • the event activation’s taking place and why were these selected?
  • the event elements being used for activation?

When are

  •  we scheduling the activation’s program (day, time, length)?
  •  we to be notified of any special or unique characteristics related to the program?

Why are

  • we activating this program?
  • other agencies involved and what is their role?
  • collecting consumer data? And how will the information collected be handled?

How can

  • I positively impact the success of the program?
  • I contribute more, add value, learn and continue to build my skill-set moving forward?

So what might you add to the list above?  A friend recently sent me a quote that I feel is relevant, “Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t,” by Bill Nye.  Continue to learn and you will continue to achieve.


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